About Texas Motorworx


Welcome to Texas Motorworx, where our journey to become….  *PAUSE* Since we have already taken this “thing” further than we ever imagined and surpassed all of our expectations,  it’s hard to quantify what we wanted this to become!   All we know is that it has been a hell of a ride and we are enjoying this adventure EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! And we hope you enjoy it too!

Our Story

Texas Motorworx and the initial ideas behind it, were generated in 2012 on a Starbucks napkin by a few FORD Raptor owning dudes, killing time before Cars and Coffee in Plano Tx.   After a few names were tossed around,and even through the irony of not specifically specializing on the motor/engine/horsepower aspect of a build, the name of Texas Motorworx was chosen.  Our path…  Provide a premium experience, to premium customers, and become the FORD Raptor Experts, even when FORD produced the Gen 1 with a 6.2L motor, and fuel was averaging $4/gallon.


Our first shop was a suburban 2 car garage in Mckinney Tx, which we were quickly (and rightfully) evicted due to HOA noise violations, and a customer helping himself to our complimentary water and other “customer area” amenities… which also, conveniently, was named the “Living Room and Kitchen”.

After receiving a loving wifey “look” and without many words spoken, we knew we needed to find an official place of business.  A small 1 bay, 1100 sqft shop with an office, and a maxed out Home Depot credit card, we had an official home!


Through the next 5 years as our business grew, our market expanded and the OEM’s continued to produce badass trucks, we moved, we knocked down walls, we remodeled and continued to chase the ever expanding dream.


In 2017, we realized that our location and size of our shop was constricting the growth and producing unneccesary challenges. We realized a move was imminent, and chose a more central location on the far East side of Dallas.   We were leaving 4400 sqft, moving into 15,000 sqft, gained a 5,000 sqft showroom and didnt have anything to put in it!   With major questions of affordability, doubt and overall anxiety, we signed a 7 year lease.


Through our growth, we have expanded our expertise from Ford Raptors to the entire FORD truck platform of F150, F250, F350, the Ranger, and the Bronco.   We have added focus on the Ram, GM, and Toyota platform as well.

As we continued our adventure we began to notice the popularity of the desert/performance offroad community grow. Our customers began to request builds that were above anything we had completed, previously, and were outside of our knowledge base. Therefore, in the truest pursuit of challenge, growth, and overall respect for our customers wishes...


We not only cut our 2012 Raptor in HALF...



in 2021 we purchased a SPEC TT/6100 truck to compete in the Best In the Desert series.


Starting in a 2 car garage to successfully racing a Spec TT in the Top Offroad Racing Series in the country, we believe we are creating an encompassing Performance Offroad company that can accomplish anything this niche community desires! 



Our Mission


At Texas Motorworx, our mission is simple: Meet COOL people. Build those COOL people COOL trucks. Do COOL adventures with those COOL people and their COOL trucks.  Enjoy living a COOL life in this COOL community.  


Our Values


- Customer-Centric Approach: Your vision is our compass.  Our questions, expertise, experience, and knowledge is our staircase on ensuring your build becomes a tangible reality.


- Quality and Expertise: With our roots in engineering, we understand (Disclaimer: We may struggle to explain, but we will always try, so don’t be afraid to ask!) the intricate details of every component we install.


- Real-World Performance: We don't just endorse top-quality brands; we live and breathe them on our builds as well. We do not sell or promote anything that would not be found on a truck that we own, drive, or abuse!


- Innovation and Collaboration: Our partnerships with industry leaders drive innovation. We're not content with the status quo; and most of our builds become something different and further than the customers initial desires.  Through our questions and lengthy conversations we are committed to educating, exploring and collaborating with the customer to truly build a one of a kind truck… The truck you dreamed of! 

- Money and Value: During the process of the build, there will no doubt be "sticker shock" to some degree. The sport of performance offroading is expensive, no reason to hide it or deny. But,our promise and commitment to our customers is always provide unmatched value,and alway spend their money as if it was our own.

Why Choose Texas Motorworx?


Choosing Texas Motorworx means choosing a team that understands your passion, respects your vision, and has the expertise to make it all come to life. We're not just a shop; we're your off-road partners, dedicated to building each truck with precision, quality, and unmatched dedication.

To every single person that has been a part of this adventure, and to every single person that will be a part of this adventure, Thank You!   Thank you for allowing us to build your dream, all the while you are helping build ours!